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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zodigo?

The Zodigo is a 48 sign astrology inspired by the modern western zodiac. This calendar is not only adorably cute but is a new advanced kind of technology. By breaking the year down into smaller intervals Zodigo users may learn how to perceive the passing of time with more nuance. Get to know the Zodigo and with each passing year patterns will begin to form in your perception. Try it for yourself!

What does it mean if my birthday is on a cusp?
If you are born on a cusp day (a day where two signs overlap) then you can choose one or the other or both signs to identify as your birth sign. Choosing a sign is an art of self discovery. You don’t have to limit your decision to one or the other. Maybe a neighboring sign makes more sense.
Is this real? I mean, is this an actual kind of astrology?
Yes, the Zodigo is a real kind of astrology. As real as any science using observations and collected data. Zodigo creator, Isaac Bluefoot has been studying astrology for close to three decades and has consulted hundreds of participants in the creation and designation of these signs. Zodigo goes further to make astrology more precise and more accessible to its users.
What is a Zodigo birth sign?
Your birth sign is the sign that your sun was in when you were born. This is true of western astrology as well, though in reality we are all made up of all of the signs. The difference is that the sun affects the ego, and the ego thinks it is the self, so therefor we tend to think we are our sun sign. Every planet has a sign but it takes a little more know-how to calculate those. But most importantly, you have a true Zodigo sign.
What does the word Zodigo mean?
The Zodigo is the word describing the whole calendar of 48 signs as well as the the word used to describe any one of them or multiple of them. The word Zodigo is an amalgam of the words “zodiac” and “go”, the latter being a particle that the Isaac Bluefoot often imparts to describe manga-style faerie and spirits.
What makes a true sign true?
You don’t have to be confined by your birth sign. Look at the sign before and after your birth sign. Look at all of the signs. Choose your favorite. That sign is your true sign. Want to change your mind? Go ahead, you are your own boss. What Zodigo you choose says something deeper about yourself than any designated sign can.
Why are there 48 Zodigo?
Dividing each of the 12 months of the year into 4 parts results in 48 Zodigo. This number was originally inspired by the works of Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers and their book The Secret Language of Birthdays.
Can I buy stuff with my Zodigo on it?
We are working to make this possible but it might take a moment to get it all together. You can help make it happen. Sign up for our mailing list and let us know what kind of stuff you want to get.
Can I contribute to the Zodigo project?
Yes you can. Once you find your true Zodigo fill out our survey and let us know a little about when and where you were born. We will add it to our database and keep you in touch of our discoveries.
Where can I learn more?
You can study more astrology by visiting Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers websiteTheSecretLanguage. By reading their week descriptions found under each daily description of the Birthdays you can find an in depth study into 48 sign astrology. Their relationship book offers a comparative study of all 48 signs interacting.